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98% Dust-Less Sanding compared to traditional method and machines.

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-We price match. (If it makes sense to us.)

-We are 98% dust-less.

-We  are certified.

-We warranty our work.

-We are insured.

-We have over 15 years of experience.

-We have plenty of videos and pictures of our work.

-We are honest and have many satisfied clients.


Staining and Refinishing Warranty

We give a 3 years limited warranty on all of our staining and refinishing services*, we want you to feel secure even after we are done with your floors and out of your home.

3 Years Limited Warranty will only cover your floors if you choose to have 3 coats or more of finishes applied.

Warranty does not cover scratches, dents or improper care of your floors. We only warranty the floor finishes from chipping and peeling and excessive wearing.  

We have done many floors, and the majority of floors depending on the type of finish we used and the amount of traffic the floors has, they all last anywhere between 8-10+ years.  There is a good chance you’ll never have to sand down your floors again because once we sand and refinish your floors, you can have us put down a maintenance coat every 3-5 years which saves you the trouble of a full re-sand, time and money.

Installation and Pre-Finish Flooring Warranty

Warranty for installation varies from manufactures to manufactures and different products come with different warranty, so installation warranty with be decided based on the flooring being put down.

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