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98% Dust-Less Sanding compared to traditional method and machines.

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-We price match. (If it makes sense to us.)

-We are 98% dust-less.

-We  are certified.

-We warranty our work.

-We are insured.

-We have over 15 years of experience.

-We have plenty of videos and pictures of our work.

-We are honest and have many satisfied clients.

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Q: I notice a lot of dry spots on the first coat.

A: Unevenness and Dry spots on the first coat is completely normal. You will notice a lot of that on the first coat as the wood will take a lot of it in. So never expect anything perfect on the first coat as it will look nothing like the final.

Q: How is your floor sanding process dustless?

A: There really isn’t such thing as “dustless” sanding, but there is however “less-dust” or “dust-less” sanding.  Our sander is connected to 2 very powerful dust containment system that will help contain and limit air born dust that traditional sanding usually leaves in your air for weeks. There will be dust, but not nearly as much as traditional sanding with cloth bags.

Q: Do you charge extra for dustless sanding?

A: No, unlike other companies that charges extra for dust-less sanding.. We look at it as a healthier and greener way to work and shouldn’t charge you additional for it.. Most companies that offer dust-less charge more to help pay off their expensive dust-less system.

Q: Why would you charge me minimum square feet of 500 when I only have 200 to refinish?

A: Like everyone else, we have to make a living.. Since the day I’ve done floors, material and supplies price has gone up nearly 100% and gas prices has gone up nearly 300%! But yet, we still have to cut cost’s from $3.00 - $4.00 per sq/ft to around an average of $1.50 per sq/ft just to keep busy.

We set a minimum so that we don’t have to drive out there, carry over 600lbs of equipments in and out of the van, work hard all day and come back one or two more days for $__. Exactly! - NOTHING.  The minimum will remain.

Ask yourself this.. would you do this for $30 maybe $40 bucks a day after it’s all said and done?  Like other companies with expenses, we need to pay for materials, gas and labor and than make some money as well tipping our Uncle Sam some.

I hope you get my point, we didn’t invest over $50,000.00 into this business and pay monthly ad fees and insurance to make what we could make at a fast food restaurant.

Don’t let this response get to you.  We are the nicest company around and have the references to back this claim up.

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