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98% Dust-Less Sanding compared to traditional method and machines.

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Wood Floor Maintenance

After your floor has been sanded and refinish, we can give your floor a maintenance coat once every 3-5 years or 5-10 years depending on how much traffic your floor gets.  Saves you from ever having to sand and refinish your floors again.

A maintenance coat isn’t like a full sand and refinish, we only clean and buff off portions of the top coat and apply another coat or two to keep your floors protected and extending it’s life and looking new. If you have deep scratches, it won’t remove them.

Having us apply a maintenance coat is no difference than having a professional carpet cleaner come and clean your carpets once or twice a year.  The difference is that you would only need to get a maintenance coat once every 3-5 years depending on how much traffic your floor gets.

In order for a successful maintenance coat, the floor must not be cleaned with oil soap, wax or any toxic chemical.  

The reason for that is because wax and oil can create a build up on your floors finish and when that happens, it is nearly impossible to remove by deep cleaning or buffing your floor for a successful maintenance coat.  If we went ahead and coated a contaminated floor, chances are the finish will not adhere.  So if you plan on ever getting a maintenance coat, stay away from wax and oil soap.

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Maintenance Coat Average Cost Factor: $0.85-$1.00 per sq/ft.