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98% Dust-Less Sanding compared to traditional method and machines.

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-We price match. (If it makes sense to us.)

-We are 98% dust-less.

-We  are certified.

-We warranty our work.

-We are insured.

-We have over 15 years of experience.

-We have plenty of videos and pictures of our work.

-We are honest and have many satisfied clients.

Winter/Spring Special

Solid 2 ¼”, 3 ¼” Unfinished Red Oak or White Oak Hardwood Flooring & Installations

-$6.00 per sq/ft. Includes Solid Oak Flooring, Underlayment’s, Installation and Sanding and Finishing with 3 coats of oil.

$7.00 per sq/ft. Includes Solid Oak Flooring, Underlayment’s, Installations, Sanding, Staining any color except pickling or black, and then Finishing with 3 coats of oil.

Pre-finished Solid Hardwood Flooring & Installations 25 Years Warranty

-$6.00 per sq/ft. Includes Bruce 2 ¼” or 3 ¼”  Flooring, Underlayment’s & Installation.

With this low rate, why bother thinking about installing laminate flooring and risk lowering your homes value?

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